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Time, Quality Service at a Fair Price

Thanks for visiting our site. Our services are available to attorneys and claims examiners in California and those outside the state. Our network of professionals are at your service.
As a busy lawyer in today's economy, you need to maximize your effectiveness without wasting money or time. You have a need for timely service at a fair price.

We are ready to provide you with that service. We are interested in helping you succeed during both the good times and the not so good.

We want to earn your trust, and we will do our utmost to do so!

Do you need another perspective, an extra hand, another pair of eyes?

Do you need someone who can meet with a non-represented applicant to obtain a statement or have settlement documents signed?  We obtain the applicant's signature on settlement documents and walk them through at the WCAB for approval. We also complete Lien Affidavits.

Do you need that Compromise and Release or Stipulations With Request For Award completed ASAP?
Do you need to get that discovery done NOW?

Do you need an affordable Administrative Hearing Representative to make a one-shot appearance on short notice?

Private Investigation

Skip tracing and witness location, by special arrangement with licensed investigators

Administrative Hearing Representatives

  • Available for all types of Board hearings
  • "Expedited" and "Vigil" services also are available

Freelance Paralegal Services:
  • Legal Research and Writing
  • Document, Discovery and Pleadings drafting,
  • Medical Records Summaries
  • Deposition Summaries, etc.
  • Preparation of Settlement Documents

Outside Counsel:
  • Lawyer referrals for local counsel appearances

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OFFICE: 1-805-490-3357
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